Hello friends of Lessig2016:

You opted into this list after the Lessig2016 campaign (and you can opt out below). When it started, I had hoped to write more often. But it has been an insanely busy term, as I try to catch up on the teaching I missed last fall. Turns out teaching is the perfect cure to a campaign cut short. Who knew!

Before the end of the month, I wanted to write about two incredible people who are running for Congress, and whom I hope you can support. Both of them have made fundamental reform the central issue of their campaigns. Both will fight for change when they get to Capitol Hill.

The first is Zephyr Teachout (D-NY). I've known Zephyr for more than a decade, as a friend, a scholar, and incredible leader (and a truly inspired campaigner!) She was an upstart, anti-corruption challenger of Governor Cuomo in the Democratic Primary in 2014. With almost no money, she grabbed more than a third of the vote, and 20 counties throughout the state. Now she is running for Congress in New York's 19th district. I'm confident she's going to win this one — as are most who are looking at this race. And when she does, we will have an inspirational reformer in Congress. (You can support Zephyr here: http://zephyrteachoutforcongress.com).

The second is a veteran, and former student, Sean Barney (D-DE). More than anyone else just entering politics, Sean has worked hard to craft a platform of reform, grounded in changes to how we fund campaigns, as well as beyond that, reaching more fundamental problems with our democracy. I worked with him as he's drafted his democracy reform agenda. He is serious and committed. And, from my perspective, his experience as a soldier has led him to ask the right questions about America's military as well. (Support Sean here: http://seanbarneyforcongress.com).

These are two real reformers. They are precisely what our movement needs in Washington. But both need to demonstrate committed support by the end of this month. (Because you know, money still matters.) I would be grateful if you could join me by helping them however you can — and by Thursday if you can.

Teaching is over in a month. Then next year, I have some time to write. Books, not emails. I've got lots on my mind....

Thanks again for everything you've done,

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